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The Baptism of the Lord

The Baptism of the Lord

For most of us, the Christmas season ended a couple of weeks ago. Decorations are probably already packed away, and perhaps some of the kids’ toys may have already been broken. Certainly they’ve run out of batteries more than once! Hello, I’m Father Greg Friedman, and this is the “Sunday Soundbite” for the Baptism of the Lord.

This feast marks the ending of the Christmas season. Traditionally, the event of Christ’s baptism was linked with the visit of the Magi and the wedding feast of Cana as two additional “manifestations” of God with us.

Matthew’s simple account of the baptism ends with the heavenly voice introducing “my beloved Son.” Here, at the end of our focus on the mystery of Christmas, we are invited to welcome the Beloved One into our midst once more, and to prepare ourselves through the Sundays which follow to hear his proclamation of Good News.

Many have expressed the wish that the spirit of Christmas last all through the year. Christians take that responsibility seriously: We want to make the meaning of Christmas—the fact that God has come to dwell with us in Jesus Christ—the central fact of life. And, we want all we say and do to help express, to make manifest, that basic truth. Merry Christmas, one more time!