St. Joseph

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Joseph, Husband of Mary

Joseph and Mary’s life does not fit into ordinary human categories.
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Partner in the Plan

One of the overlooked characters in the Christmas narrative is Joseph. The Scriptures don’t tell us much about him, but one can imagine how confusing it would have been for him to discover that his wife-to-be was pregnant with a ...
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Joseph’s Prophetic Dreams

The angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and she gives her fiat to begin her journey as the Mother of God. An angel also appeared to Joseph in his dreams, which gave him direction and a mission to begin his journey ...
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God Speaks through Dreams

God speaks to us in dreams. Listen to your dreams. They may reveal God’s vision for your life.
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The Ups and Downs of Family Life

Reflect Families are complex. We have good days and bad days. St. Joseph reminds us that the calling to be a father, mother, son, or daughter is a calling from God that draws us into a life-giving relationship with others. Pray ...
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Statue of St. Joseph with Jesus

St. Joseph: A Father for the Ages

Scenes from the life of Joseph give us a glimpse of the virtues of this laborer and upstanding Jewish man, the carpenter who will build something beautiful for the God of his forefathers.
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