Mary and Jesus

Mary Calls Us Home

Mary is crying out for her children to return to the safety of her arms. In fact, her whole existence is the return journey home.
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mountains with sunrise

Notes from a Friar: The Mysterious Workings of Grace

It is not a matter of “carrying God inside us.” It’s better to say that we are filled with God’s presence within us—along with our weaknesses and imperfections.
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Delaware bill would break seal of confession, require priest to report what penitent says 

WILMINGTON, Del. (OSV News) — The Delaware General Assembly is taking aim at a basic tenet of the Catholic Church and wants to break the seal of confession between a priest and penitent. House Bill 74 would do away with ...
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Cross in a field

Lenten Reflection: Five Reasons to Go to Confession

Pope Francis has told us not to be afraid or ashamed to go to confession. You will not “encounter a severe judge there, but the immensely merciful Father.”
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Woman with hands folded | Photo by Jaee Kim on Unsplash

Confession Helps in Many Ways

Confession has been a really sore spot for me but, having been raised a Catholic, I do love the Church and all the other sacraments. I am sure there are priests I could go to for confession, but I feel ...
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