Let Us Pray

Mother hugging a child

Let Us Pray: Interceding for One Another

Years ago, when any of my four children would run crying to me because of an injury or a fight, there was a good likelihood that I could make things better.
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Looking out at the fog

Let Us Pray: Panting After Peace in Prayer

Franciscan spirituality has a visceral and experiential dimension that the study of theology sometimes lacks.
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woman enjoying the sunrise | Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Let Us Pray: ‘Seek First the Kingdom’

For St. Francis of Assisi, the impetus for prayer was everywhere around him.
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Man holding grapes | Photo by Maja Petric on Unsplash

Let Us Pray: The Living Body of Christ

We are, indeed, the living body of Christ, always becoming one in him who is our Lord and salvation.
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Spring flowers in the breeze

Let Us Pray: Spring Awakenings

When we extract ourselves from the noise of the world and quiet our minds for a conversation with God, that is when our hearts should be purest.
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