Joseph and Mary

father and son playing in a field

Loving Father to the Son of God

Joseph held before his very eyes the one who is himself the ultimate enticement of the human heart.
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Hands forming a heart by water

St. Joseph, Pure of Heart

Just as Joseph’s life was completed by the child he raised to adulthood, so will the life of any person who seeks Jesus be free from the enslavement to sin.
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carpenter tools

Joseph, Husband of Mary

Joseph and Mary’s life does not fit into ordinary human categories.
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Virgin Mary statue

Holy Mary: Model of Patience

“Be it done to me according to your word.” So it was for Mary, so it can be for us who wait in silent prayer seemingly unable to do anything to change our circumstances.
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Statue of St. Joseph with Jesus

St. Joseph: A Father for the Ages

Scenes from the life of Joseph give us a glimpse of the virtues of this laborer and upstanding Jewish man, the carpenter who will build something beautiful for the God of his forefathers.
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A Starring Role for St. Joseph

St. Joseph may not have speaking parts in Scripture, but his role in the life of Jesus—and ours—is hardly a bit part. A film reviewer explores characters that showcase Joseph's virtues.
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