Holy Week


The Call to Christian Discipleship

Our love and suffering as Christian disciples, like the Lord’s on the cross, does not happen in vain.
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foot of cross

Surrender All for Christ

Both Sts. Francis and Clare of Assisi recognized the importance of what happened at the cross as a model for Christian life.
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hands holding water

‘I Thirst’

Jesus said, “I thirst.” What do you say in response?
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hands holding a cross

Take Up Your Cross

Those few friends and family members who stayed behind and perhaps risked their own lives for the sake of their friend and Lord have denied themselves to follow Jesus.
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three crosses

Parable of the Two Criminals

Paradise, or the kingdom, is also a reality that is not off in some distant future, but is, as Jesus says, here “with me today.”
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rosary with cross

God Suffered Out of Love

After Francis’ death, Bonaventure will talk about the “transformative power of love.” Love is what moved the heart and mind of the saint from Assisi, and it is love that is the greatest force for change and good in our ...
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