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The Living Water of Faith

The very first Psalm sings of a tree planted by flowing waters, with leaves that never fade; it bears fruit in due season. This is an image of living in God’s love.
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Seahawks offensive tackle loves the game, but Catholic faith is his ‘focal point’ 

In his second year as an offensive tackle for the Seattle Seahawks, Abraham "Abe" Lucas is living his childhood dream. Even so, it's faith, not football, that's the most important thing for this self-described "hard-core Catholic."
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tree and sunset | Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

Three Minutes with God: Meditations on Hope

Will what I do during my lifetime make any difference? Maybe in the present, but what about years from now?
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Person holds a San Damiano cross

Humanizing God

We understand how our own hands are so important in expressing our love and care for one another—a touch, a protective hold. That image also tells us about God.
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New poll on declining faith should prompt greater witness, experts say

WASHINGTON (OSV News) — A new survey indicates belief in spiritual entities continues to decline in the U.S. — and evangelization leaders say the data is a call for Catholics to examine their own witness to their faith. Poll results ...
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At Play in the Fields of the Lord

We can experience God in a most fundamental way—through the example of a child at play.  
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