Sunday Soundbites

Sunday Soundbite for August 9, 2020

The perception of the prophet to discern God in an unlikely place, and the courage of Peter to take a bold step to meet Jesus: Those are the qualities I’m praying for this Sunday.
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Sunday Soundbite for August 2, 2020

Our Sunday Mass nourishes us, prepares us, even obliges us to feed the hungry seeking nourishment and healing.
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Sunday Soundbite for July 26, 2020

It isn’t lack of money that usually keeps me from being as intense about the Kingdom of God as Jesus proposes. How about you? What’s distracting you from the Kingdom?
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Sunday Soundbite for July 19, 2020

No matter what obstacles it faces, no matter how small the efforts of Christians seem, the Kingdom of God will flourish.
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Sunday Soundbite for July 12, 2020

The cycle of growing, the passage of seasons, the risks of planting crops—all these activities teach a lot about life. Perhaps that’s why the Scriptures use farming images so frequently.
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Sunday Soundbite for July 5, 2020

In addition to the Lord’s encouragement that we come to him with our burdens, he invites us to “take up his yoke” and “learn from him.” His meekness and humility show us a way to bear our burdens.
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