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Sunday Soundbite for March 31, 2019

Fourth Sunday in Lent

Cycle C

March 31, 2019



Did you know God has a “dream for the world”?  Hello, I’m Franciscan Father Greg Friedman and this is the Sunday Soundbite for the Fourth Sunday of Lent.

From the dawn of creation described in the Book of Genesis, the story of the Bible relates how God created the world to be a place of harmony. The Garden of Eden is a beautiful symbol of this harmonious world. The Promised Land as it’s depicted in our first reading this Sunday, also shows us a vision of what God has in store for the human family. There Joshua leads God’s people into the “land of milk and honey.”

Jesus captures God’s dream for the world in the Gospel story today. It’s the familiar story of the Prodigal Son–better titled “The Father Who Couldn’t Forget.” There our God is portrayed as the parent who waited day after day for his errant child to return. What a beautiful picture of God!

Throughout history–though human beings have strayed constantly, following their own ideas for happiness–God has held fast to a dream of harmony, and made it come true with forgiveness. Jesus–and Christians who seek to follow him–embody that dream in our world today.