Dear Reader: Welcome, Friar Pete!

When Tom Greene announced his retirement from drawing Pete and Repeat, our staff found itself facing a dilemma: How do you replace a staple of the magazine while also not erasing its legacy?

We threw all kinds of ideas around and wondered where Pete would be today. Before long, someone asked, “What if Pete joined the Franciscans?” Instantly, the idea started to come to life. We found ourselves crafting new adventures for Pete and Sis—who is now a teacher—along with a whole cast of new characters.

Once we had the idea nailed down, our art director, Mary Catherine Kozusko, reached out to illustrator Bob Vojtko. Over the years, this magazine has featured quite a few of Bob’s cartoons. He began drawing, he says, when he was about 5 years old and watched his dad paint comic-book characters on their basement wall. “It looked like fun, so I grabbed a pencil and some paper, and I was off and running,” Bob recalls.

We’re excited to start this new chapter with you—and with Friar Pete and his friends. And while the images may look different, the challenge is still the same. Good luck!

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