Stained glass window in Saint-Pierre de Dourdain | photo by GO69

Saint John Eudes

August 19. Saint John Eudes was a noted preacher and confessor. He founded several seminaries because he saw the need for clerical formation. He also founded a couple of religious communities to address the needs that he saw. Saint John had a great devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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Stained glass representing St. Bernard of Clairvaux | photo by Jastrow (2006)

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

August 20. Wanting to be a simple monk in the quiet of a monastery, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux was called upon to be a very active member of the Church in his day. Preacher, reconciler, adviser, healer—just a few of the roles he was called to play. A man of many talents, he used his abilities for the service of the Church.

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Portrait of Saint Pope Pius X | Library of Congress | Tryphosa Bates-Batcheller

Saint Pius X

August 21. A man of humble background, and wanting to maintain a simple lifestyle, Saint Pius X endured the trappings of the papacy as best he could. Known for encouraging frequent reception of Holy Communion, and concerned about world affairs, he led the Church in holiness and grace. He was undoubtedly one of the greatest popes of the 20th century.

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Virgin of the Deliverance | Ernest Hébert

Queenship of Mary

August 22. The notion of a queen is somewhat foreign to American ears, but this feast of Mary recognizes her role in the Kingdom of her Son, Jesus. If Jesus is king, Mary is certainly queen. And the title—or its surrogate—goes back centuries in the Church, as Mary has been praised for her position in the Church and among the people of God.

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Saint Rose of Lima with Child Jesus | anonymous

Saint Rose of Lima

August 23. A member of the Third Order of Saint Dominic, Saint Rose of Lima lived a life of penance and holiness at home under the disapproving eyes of her parents. They wanted her to marry, but Saint Rose felt another calling. While her lifestyle raised some eyebrows, at her death the city of Lima recognized her sanctity.

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Saints Oswald and Notburga | Hand-colored metalcut print | Meister mit dem Maschenhintergrun

Saint Oswald

February 29. Saint Oswald knew people in high places─his uncle was the archbishop of Canterbury. But even though he received “favors” from his uncle, he humbly served and gained holiness.

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