Detail | Stained glass of Saints Cyril of Jerusalem & Bernard of Clairvaux | Saint Anthony of Padua Catholic Church, Dayton, Ohio | photo by Nheyob

Saint Cyril of Jerusalem

March 18. Life in the fourth century was anything but dull, as the life of Saint Cyril of Jerusalem proves. The Church was facing a major crisis and Saint Cyril was one of the men who worked through the controversies. Thanks to courageous men like him, we share the faith today.

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The Dream of St. Joseph | Anton Raphael Mengs

Saint Joseph, Husband of Mary

March 19. We know very little about Saint Joseph, except that he was the husband of Mary and foster-father of Jesus. Scripture calls him a just man and points out a few incidences in which he showed virtuous behavior. After he and Mary found Jesus in the Temple, Saint Joseph is not mentioned again.

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The blessed Salvator à Horta of the Franciscan order | Etching | Wellcome Images

Saint Salvator of Horta

March 20. Well aware of a person’s need to be in right relationship with God and others, Saint Salvator of Horta encouraged people seeking healing to go to confession and to receive Holy Communion. Good advice for all.

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>St Bonaventure Enters the Franciscan Order | Francisco de Herrera the Elder

Blessed John of Parma

March 21. Blessed John of Parma lived at a crucial time in the Franciscan Order and the Church. Saint Francis’ followers were in need of reorganization and the Church was in schism. Blessed John helped with both issues.

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Edward Oldcorne; Nicholas Owen | Gaspar Bouttats

Saint Nicholas Owen

March 22. Saint Nicholas Owen was a creative builder who helped the persecuted Catholic priests of England find hiding places. Because of his important work, the fact that he joined the Jesuits was held secret. Arrested a final time in 1606, Saint Nicholas Owen was tortured and killed.

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Saints Oswald and Notburga | Hand-colored metalcut print | Meister mit dem Maschenhintergrun

Saint Oswald

February 29. Saint Oswald knew people in high places─his uncle was the archbishop of Canterbury. But even though he received “favors” from his uncle, he humbly served and gained holiness.

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