Carlos V receives a visit from Saint Francis Borgia in Yuste | Joaquín María Herrer y Rodríguez

Saint Francis Borgia

October 10. Saint Francis Borgia had it made according to every social standard. He had name, position, power, etc. But after a series of events, including the death of his wife, he joined the Jesuits, where he used his professional talents and abilities in the service of his Order and the Church.

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Pope John XXIII begins the Mass | Saint Peter's Basilica, October 11, 1959 | photo by Medici con l'Africa Cuamm

Saint John XXIII

October 11. A shy, retiring man with a wonderful sense of humor, Cardinal Angelo Roncalli became our beloved Pope Saint John XXIII. Perhaps the greatest irony was that his fellow Cardinals elected him as a stop-gap pope to give them time to get the politics ironed out for a more permanent candidate. Little did they know what the Holy Spirit had in store for the Church through this “temporary” Pope.

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Shrine of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, St Magn Basilica, Füssen, Germany | photo by Myke Rosenthal

Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos

October 12. Francis Xavier Seelos was born in Bavaria. He studied in Munich before coming to the United States to serve the German-speaking immigrants. He remained here his entire adult life serving both his parishioners and fellow Redemptorists.

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Blessed Marie Rose Durocher | Achona, The Online Newspaper of Academy of the Holy Names, Tampa | photo by Keri Kelly/Achona Online

Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher

October 13. When Marie-Rose Durocher was 29, Bishop Ignace Bourget became bishop of Montreal. He faced a shortage of priests and sisters and a rural population that had been largely deprived of education. Bishop Bourget founded the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, with Marie-Rose as its first member and co-foundress.

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Statue of Pope Callistus I on the Saints portal | Northern transept of Our Lady cathedral of Reims, Marne, France | photo by Fab5669

Saint Callistus I

October 14. Who knows us better than our enemies? Saint Hippolytus is our major source of information about today's "Saint of the Day" Saint Callistus I. The two of them were competitors for the papacy, but they are both canonized saints of the Catholic Church. The Holy Spirit can make peace in wondrous ways.

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Saints Oswald and Notburga | Hand-colored metalcut print | Meister mit dem Maschenhintergrun

Saint Oswald

February 29. Saint Oswald knew people in high places─his uncle was the archbishop of Canterbury. But even though he received “favors” from his uncle, he humbly served and gained holiness.

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