Stained glass representing St. Bernard of Clairvaux | photo by Jastrow (2006)

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

August 20. Wanting to be a simple monk in the quiet of a monastery, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux was called upon to be a very active member of the Church in his day. Preacher, reconciler, adviser, healer—just a few of the roles he was called to play. A man of many talents, he used his abilities for the service of the Church.

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Portrait of Saint Pope Pius X | Library of Congress | Tryphosa Bates-Batcheller

Saint Pius X

August 21. A man of humble background, and wanting to maintain a simple lifestyle, Saint Pius X endured the trappings of the papacy as best he could. Known for encouraging frequent reception of Holy Communion, and concerned about world affairs, he led the Church in holiness and grace. He was undoubtedly one of the greatest popes of the 20th century.

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Virgin of the Deliverance | Ernest Hébert

Queenship of Mary

August 22. The notion of a queen is somewhat foreign to American ears, but this feast of Mary recognizes her role in the Kingdom of her Son, Jesus. If Jesus is king, Mary is certainly queen. And the title—or its surrogate—goes back centuries in the Church, as Mary has been praised for her position in the Church and among the people of God.

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Saint Rose of Lima with Child Jesus | anonymous

Saint Rose of Lima

August 23. A member of the Third Order of Saint Dominic, Saint Rose of Lima lived a life of penance and holiness at home under the disapproving eyes of her parents. They wanted her to marry, but Saint Rose felt another calling. While her lifestyle raised some eyebrows, at her death the city of Lima recognized her sanctity.

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Sant Bertolomeu | Bernat Jiménez

Saint Bartholomew

August 24. We know nothing about today’s saint, Saint Bartholomew, except that he was one of the original twelve apostles. If he is the man called Nathanael, then we know he is from Cana in Galilee--but that still doesn’t tell us much. But knowing that he gave his life in the service of the faith is enough.

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HDR photo of the Apotheosis of St. Louis | Sculpture by C.H. Niehaus

Saint Louis of France

August 25. Saint Louis of France took his position seriously as both king and Christian. A true son of the Church, Saint Louis worked for peace and reconciliation within his kingdom and beyond. He was generous with his wealth and his time. He was named a patron of the Secular Franciscans.

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San José de Calasanz | Francisco Jover y Casanova

Saint Joseph Calasanz

August 26. Saint Joseph Calasanz dedicated his life to poor children. He gathered teachers to help him, and eventually organized the Clerks Regular of Religious Schools--also known as the Piarists or Scolopi. But his work was not without opposition, as some objected to the education of the poor.

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Detail | Stained glass window in the Church of Saint James the Greater in Bouxwiller | photo by GFreihalter

Saint Monica

August 27. Perhaps Saint Monica is best known as the mother of Saint Augustine—a pretty noble label. But Saint Monica was also the mother of two other children, and is known as a woman of great prayer. We know that she prayed for the conversion of her son, and her prayers were heard. She also prayed for and obtained the conversion of her husband and mother-in-law.

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Saint Augustine of Hippo | Line engraving by P. Cool after M. de Vos | Wellcome Images

Saint Augustine of Hippo

August 28. Saint Augustine is a giant in many ways. He had a powerful and forceful personality which he used both before and after his conversion. He had a passion for whatever he did, and this showed up in his theological teachings. Yet he also was a man of great love, as is evident in his sermons to his priests. And he had a deep love for the Lord.

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Salome with the Head of John the baptist | Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

Martyrdom of John the Baptist

August 29. The martyrdom of John the Baptist is one of the most gruesome stories in the New Testament. Yet it is the story of the victory of faith and loyalty over cowardice and hate. A king makes a careless promise and does not have the courage or integrity to do the right thing when his jealous wife takes advantage. This is one of those blunt stories of what living faithfully is all about.

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