The Annunciation | Leonardo da Vinci

Annunciation of the Lord

March 25. Some people consider today the feast of the Incarnation of Jesus--instead of Christmas--since it is today that we celebrate the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity becoming flesh in the womb of the Virgin Mary. However, one of the main emphases of this feast is the "fiat" by which Mary agreed to become the Mother of God. Let it be.

Saint of the Day

Adolph Kolping | Den katolske kirke

Blessed Adolph Kolping

December 10. Concerned about the faith of young men caught up in the industrial revolution in Germany, Blessed Adolph Kolping bucked social pressure and reached out to the young workers. Today, the Kolping Society upholds the dignity of workers throughout the world.

Saint of the Day

Portrait of Aniela Salawa in the Franciscan church in Krakow | photo by Miezian

Blessed Angela Salawa

March 12. Blessed Angela Salawa was a maid for many years, and eventually became a Secular Franciscan who worked with wounded and sick soldiers during World War I. Abandoned by everyone before her death, she died on March 12, 1922.

Saint of the Day

Blessed Angelina of Marsciano (also, of Montegiove, or of Corbara) | author uncertain

Blessed Angeline of Marsciano

June 4. Blessed Angeline of Marsciano founded the first Third Order community of women in the Franciscan Order; something new in her day. While briefly married, Blessed Angelina had vowed chastity as a child and spent her life caring for the sick and the poor.

Saint of the Day

House of Loreto | J L Buchner | photo by unknown

Blessed Anthony Grassi

December 18. Blessed Anthony Grassi had a deep devotion to Our Lady from childhood. He joined the Oratorian Fathers at 17 and was known as a very good student. Struck by lightning at age 29, he was paralyzed for a few days, but recovered and was somewhat of a changed man.

Saint of the Day

Detail | Saint Anthony appears to Blessed Lucca Belludi before the liberation of Padua | Filippo da Verona

Blessed Antonio Lucci

July 27. Blessed Antonio Lucci, a Conventual Franciscan, was a noted theologian and teacher who was appointed bishop of Bovino. He led the diocese for 23 years and was known for his generosity with the poor.

Saint of the Day

Statue of Blessed Bartholomew of Vicenza | Monastery of Saint Bartholomew-Saint Anthony, Vicenza, Italy | photo by Claudio Gioseffi

Blessed Bartholomew of Vicenza

October 27. Blessed Bartholomew of Vicenza, a Dominican, challenged the heresies of his day. Known for his ability to preach, he overcame his adversaries and helped his diocese become more loyal to Rome in a time when anti-papal feeling ran high.

Saint of the Day

Blessed César de Bus |

Blessed Caesar de Bus

April 15. Blessed Caesar de Bus decided on becoming a priest after having had a very negative experience in the military. He was a successful priest and worked primarily among the needy, teaching catechetics.

Saint of the Day

Monument Charles de Foucauld in front of the church of St-Pierre-le-Jeune | Strasbourg | photo by Rabanus Flavus

Blessed Charles de Foucauld

December 1. Orphaned at the age of six, Charles was raised by his devout grandfather. He rejected the Catholic faith as a teenager, but resumed the practice of his faith around the age 30. He then became a Trappist monk. After leaving the monastery, he traveled extensively living a peaceful and somewhat hidden life.

Saint of the Day

Blessed Claudio Granzotto | photo by Infovalli It | flickr

Blessed Claudio Granzotto

September 6. Saint Claudio was the youngest of nine children whose father died when Saint Claudio was only 9 years old. At the age of 15 he entered the army where he served for three years. Eventually, he joined the Franciscans and was known for his artisitic abilities.

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