Statue of Saint Benedict the Moor | Church of Our Lady of the Rosary and Saint Benedict, Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil | photo by Mateus Hidalgo

Saint Benedict the African

April 3. Saint Benedict the African, also called Saint Benedict the Moor and Saint Benedict the Black, lived the life of a slave until he was 18. After joining the Franciscans, he held positions of leadership. He was known for his poverty and humility.

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Saint Isidore of Seville | photo by Sacristia mayor de la catedral de Sevilla

Saint Isidore of Seville

April 4. Saint Isidore of Seville was a prolific writer, and capable administrator of his diocese. Following his brother as bishop of Seville, he founded schools and seminaries, and he was known for his encyclopedic knowledge. Perhaps Isidore's greatest accomplishment is that he was a holy man.

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Apocalyptic Virgin and Saint Vincent Ferrer with two Donors | Pere Garcia de Benavarri

Saint Vincent Ferrer

April 5. We presently have two living Popes, but they are not both contending for the papacy. That was not the case in the lifetime of Saint Vincent Ferrer. The two contenders both claimed to be the authentic pope, and this went on for almost 40 years. For most of his life Saint Vincent “backed” the anti-pope.

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Detail | Stained glass of Saint Crescentia Hoess | photo by GFreihalter

Saint Crescentia Hoess

April 6. The story of Saint Crescentia Hoess is a twist on the story of rags to riches. Born into material poverty, she eventually rose to true spiritual wealth. But not without many obstacles, including a number of physical ailments.

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Statue of St. John Baptist de la Salle | Saint Peter Basilica, Rome | photo by Jordiferrer

Saint John Baptist de La Salle

April 7. Probably best known as the patron of many Christian Brothers’ schools, Saint John Baptist de La Salle originally had no intention of working with youth or founding a religious community. He saw himself as a comfortable diocesan priest. But God had other plans, and Saint John responded wholeheartedly.

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Statue of Saint Julie Billiart | Saint Julie Billiart Catholic Church, Hamilton, OH | photo by Nheyob

Saint Julie Billiart

April 8. Saint Julie Billiart spent many years suffering from incapacitating ailments, but she never lost her drive to work for the Kingdom of God. Her desire to educate led her to help found the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.

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Portrait of Saint Casilda | Francisco de Zurbarán

Saint Casilda

April 9. Saint Casilda grew up as a Muslim. Facing a serious illness as a young woman, she journeyed to a shrine in Spain where she was cured. As a result, she embraced Christianity.

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Monument of Saint Magdalene of Canossa in Verona | photo by Chrumps

Saint Magdalen of Canossa

April 10. Saint Magdalen of Canossa worked in hospitals and among the poor, opened her home as a lodging for girls, started a school, and founded two religious communities. She accomplished all of this without the support of her family.

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Gothic stained glass window from Dominican Monastery in Kraków | photo by Ludwig Schneide

Saint Stanislaus

April 11. Saint Stanislaus, the bishop of Kraków, was martyred for denouncing political and social corruption. He became the patron saint of Poland, and remains a popular saint throughout Eastern Europe.

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Prayer wall at the Santuario de Saint Teresa de los Andes | photo by Malissette

Saint Teresa of Los Andes

April 12. A long life is not necessary for holiness, as Saint Teresa of Los Andes proves. Not quite 20 years old when she died, she left a legacy rich in virtue—rich enough for her to be considered a saint.

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