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Sharing the Word for May 18, 2017

Thursday of the Fifth Week of Easter

May 18, 2017

Daily Reading from the USCCB: Acts 15:7-21


In the presence of the leaders in Jerusalem, Peter reiterates what he had said after Cornelius’s reception: God makes no distinction between Jews and Gentiles. All are saved by the Lord Jesus.

Then James takes the floor. It is clear from what Peter experienced that God wants Gentiles in His people as well as Jews. Consequently Gentile converts should be expected to observe and/or avoid only those practices that would make socializing with Jews impossible. Community sensitivities did need be respected. Obviously circumcision would no longer be required.

The community of Jesus has now been identified with the Christian Church we know today. We are saved by Jesus, not by Mosaic Law. The proclamation of this discernment underlies everything that would happen from now on.