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Sharing the Word for January 31, 2018

Memorial of Saint John Bosco

January 31, 2018

Daily Reading from the USCCB: Mark 6:1-6

Jesus goes home for a visit. His family and friends are not impressed. “Who does he think he is? He’s no better than we are.” Because of that, Mark says, Jesus was “not able to perform any mighty deed there.”

This doesn’t mean that Jesus had become powerless. The issue here is the nature of Jesus’ “mighty deeds.” When Jesus cures and heals, He is not just doing nice things for people. Rather, Jesus is inviting people to entrance into the kingdom.

If all that people see in Jesus’ miracles are quick cures, they are missing His point. Sometimes Jesus is not able to perform mighty deeds because the people to whom the deeds are addressed are unable to receive them.