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Sharing the Word for January 24, 2020

Memorial of Saint Francis de Sales

January 24, 2020

Daily Reading from the USCCB: Mark 3:13-19


In this reading from Mark’s third chapter we see Jesus calling twelve men to a special place among His disciples. The number twelve seems intended to recall the twelve tribes of Israel. So these twelve apostles represented the new people of God.

They were called by name by Jesus to be “apostles” i.e., emissaries. To be that they had to know Jesus. So they were to be with Him, to be close to Him so as to be able to present Him accurately to others.      Jesus authorized them to preach in His name and to drive out the spirits of evil when they encountered them.

In today’s Church, Catholics see bishops as successors of the apostles. They too, are official emissaries for Jesus.