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Sharing the Word for August 11, 2017

Memorial of Saint Clare of Assisi

August 11, 2017

Daily Reading from the USCCB: Deuteronomy 4:32-40


Deuteronomy–“Second Law”–is the last book of the Pentateuch. Some of Deuteronomy consists of historical material dealing with events occurring just before the Israelites’ crossing into the Promised Land at the end of their wanderings. Most of it consists of religious instructions: Moses reiterating what he had previously taught.

Today’s reading is a commentary on the first commandment of the Decalogue. Israel is to be monotheist, a people of the one and only God. It must necessarily be that way given all the indications of God’s unique affection for her. Israel must keep God’s statutes and commandments and thus Israel will prosper in the land God is giving her.

God wants to be near His people and wants His people to be near Him.