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Sharing the Word for April 17, 2018

Tuesday of the Third Week of Easter

April 17, 2018

Daily Reading from the USCCB: John 6:30-35


The crowd says to Jesus, “If you want us to believe in you, you had better show us some credentials. For example, Moses gave bread to the Israelites in the desert. Can you do that?” Jesus answers that God, not Moses, gave the bread in the desert, and that God still offers a bread that will give eternal life. “We’ll take it,” says the crowd.

And now comes the breathtaking revelation from Jesus: “I myself am the bread of life and if you come to me, you will never again be hungry.”

Jesus is our bread of life. He nourishes us and cares for us and sees to it that we are never really hungry. But we have to accept what He offers us.