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Sharing the Word for April 16, 2018 – Third Week of Easter – Year 2

Monday of the Third Week of Easter

April 16, 2018

Daily Reading from the USCCB: John 6:22-29

The crowd that had been miraculously fed by Jesus follows Him across the lake. They don’t know how He got to the other side, but they know that they want to find Him again.

Jesus reproaches them for seeking Him for the wrong reason. They should be looking for something more substantial than the material bread He had recently fed them with. God has something better in mind for them, something better than ordinary bread, something they can only attain through faith in Jesus. That’s the medium that will bring them into touch with God.

The only way we can be in touch with God is through the self-gift of ourselves to Jesus in faith. He alone is the source of real life.