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Saint Fiacre

Jun 25, 2020
Saint Fiacre

Saint Fiacre (c. AD 600 – 18 August 670)

Feast Day: September 1

Saint Fiacre’s Story

It appears that Saint Fiacre was of Irish descent and that he traveled to France looking for solitude. He was welcomed by the local bishop who offered him a small piece of land on which to live. Saint Fiacre developed the place by adding a chapel and a hospice for travelers. He was known as a healer, and a number of cures are credited to him. Fiacre is the patron saint of gardeners and, in Paris, of taxi drivers. French cabs came to be associated with the saint because the first cab to be hired was on the Rue Saint-Martin near the Hôtel Saint Fiacre.


If it wasn’t for the devotions of the people of his day, we would know very little if anything about Saint Fiacre. But isn’t that true of most of the saints? The faith and devotion of the people of their day and locality made them known so that we, too, can praise God for them.

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