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Saint of the Day

Saint Apollinaris

Jul 20 Saint of the Day
Unwilling to take no for an answer, Saint Apollinaris was exiled from Ravenna several times, but he always returned trying to preach the good news to the people. He finally died of a beating he received in a suburb of Ravenna.

Saint Lawrence of Brindisi

Jul 21 Saint of the Day
A Capuchin Franciscan, Saint Lawrence of Brindisi was a scholar, administrator, preacher, and lover of the poor. Versed in many languages, Saint Lawrence was an outstanding scripture scholar and used his knowledge of the holy writings to produce many homilies. He served his community as Minister General and served the papacy as an emissary and peacemaker.

Saint Mary Magdalene

Jul 22 Saint of the Day
Whether or not Saint Mary Magdalene was a notorious sinner—and she most likely was not—she was one of the women who traveled with Jesus and the Apostles, and was present at the cross. She also was the one chosen to bring the good news of the resurrection to the Apostles.

Saint Bridget of Sweden

Jul 23 Saint of the Day
Saint Bridget of Sweden was a married, mother of eight, and the foundress of a monastery for men and women. She spent her final days in Rome seeking to correct Church abuses for which she received much opposition.

Saint Sharbel Makhlouf

Jul 24 Saint of the Day
Saint Sharbel Makhlouf was a Lebanese Maronite Rite monk, one of the Eastern Catholic Churches who follow a slightly different liturgy and canon law. We in the Latin or Roman Rite often forget that we have sisters and brothers in the East. Saint Sharbel is a good reminder of the wider Church.

Saint James the Apostle

Jul 25 Saint of the Day
Apostle Saint James the Greater, brother of Saint John and one of the three who spent time with the Lord on significant occasions, was a fisherman called by Jesus to follow him. Most likely, he was the first to be martyred, and witness to the faith with his blood. He and Saint John were nicknamed “Sons of Thunder” by Jesus.

Saints Joachim and Anne

Jul 26 Saint of the Day
We believe that Jesus is truly God and truly human, and this feast of his grandparents is a testimony to that faith. While the names Joachim and Anne may be legendary, we know that Jesus had grandparents in the parents of Mary (as well as those of Saint Joseph). Our God truly became human and lived among us.

Blessed Antonio Lucci

Jul 27 Saint of the Day
A Conventual Franciscan, Blessed Antonio Lucci was a noted theologian and teacher, who was appointed bishop of Bovino. He led the diocese for 23 years and was known for his generosity with the poor.

Blessed Stanley Rother

Jul 28 Saint of the Day
Blessed Stanley Rother grew up in Oklahoma on his parents' farm in what could be described as a normal environment. Life changed radically for him when he was ordained a priest in 1963, and again in 1968, when he volunteered for the missions in Guatemala. But the final change came when civil war reached his parish in 1980. He was assassinated on July 28, 1981.

Saint Martha

Jul 29 Saint of the Day
Saint Martha and her sister and brother had the privilege of being personal friends of Jesus, whose home he went to, it seems, to relax. Saint Martha also expressed her deep faith in Jesus at the time of her brother’s death. Friends are there for us in happy times and in sad.