Pause + Pray

The World Is My Neighborhood


Long distances can lead to ignorance of civil unrest, hunger, natural disasters. This is Our Father’s World, as the song says. Though far away, all the globe’s peoples are brothers and sisters to us.


I sense your mighty hand, O God,
in the incredible variety of languages,
customs, and beliefs 
across this planet
you have flung out beyond the stars.

Stretch my heart to acknowledge this immensity.
Help me use the news to shape my concerns
for those who suffer from the effects of war,
of weather, of human greed.
I ask a shower of mercy on the poor, the neglected,
the lonely, the bitter, the imprisoned, and the dying.
I would be a citizen of this world,
joined to all those I hope to meet in the next.


Embrace a nation today about which you know little. Learn something new about it. Then pray for its peoples and its problems.

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