Pause + Pray

Tear Down the Walls of Indifference


The pain of the world challenges us to go from apathy to empathy. From avoidance of pain to recognizing and responding to the pain and joy around you. The way of Jesus challenges us to embrace the pain and joy of the world and respond courageously and lovingly as God’s healing companions to those who suffer.


God of all creation,
Open my heart
to the pain and joy
of the world.

Open my senses
to the sounds of happiness
and sorrow.

Break down
the barriers of apathy
hat I might have
large-spirited empathy.

Let me strive to bring joy
to all creation

and all of your beloved children.


Let me pause to notice the pain of the world, suffering of individuals, and injustice in my country. I will intentionally open to the struggles of others, and prayerfully consider how I can be most helpful to them. Let me feel kinship with the least of these, and respond with respect and compassion.



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