Pause + Pray

Praying for Pope Francis


Pope Francis has a difficult job to do at this point in history when the Church is so divided. We have a responsibility to pray for him as a spiritual leader and decision-maker, so that he may continue guiding the universal Catholic Church with wisdom and compassion.


Lord God, I trust that you deeply desire to minister to your people
through the hands and feet of Pope Francis.

Thank you for giving us a leader so rich in mercy,
one who genuinely hopes to honor Jesus with all he does.

Today I ask that you grant him the grace of discernment
so that he can be sure of your guidance in all of his decisions.

Sustain him with the ability to feed your sheep
and seek unity in a time of division.

Strengthen his body, soul, and mind, and grant him good health and long life.
I pray that the Holy Father will feel your comfort and love
and continue to seek your will with all of his might.


Pray the Lord’s Prayer on behalf of Pope Francis today. Follow up your prayer with a petition of gratitude for the pope’s guidance and strength.

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