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Prayer for the Lonely

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Being alone can have its blessings—but some of us endure loneliness each and every day. May this prayer be a comfort to those who struggle with solitude.


Dear God,
The quiet of my day can be a deafening sound,
but I know that I am never alone.
You are my every breath, my trusted companion,
and my guide through the pain of loneliness.
In your refuge, I take comfort.
In your arms, I find solace.
Your peace is my peace.


Share this prayer with someone who needs a word of encouragement. Remind them that being alone doesn’t mean they have to be lonely.

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2 thoughts on “Prayer for the Lonely”

  1. Mike Reininger

    Even if a person is alone, that doesn’t mean they can’t be their own best friend. I think the people who have the most difficult time being alone are those that don’t like themselves. So, the solution to loneliness is to learn to like oneself, problem solved.

  2. “loneliness is the leprosy of the modern age” – Mother Teresa. I have been a leper but Christ has stretched out His strong right hand and lifted me up taking me along as He burst forth from the tomb as a phoenix from the ashes and I know His touch and He knows mine.

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