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Pause and Pray

One Tree, Many Branches

Sep 16, 2021
A tree with many branches


If you have children and aging parents, you understand the daily, intergenerational push and pull of family life. But how often do give yourself a moment to appreciate what you offer?


Dear God, my children need me,
their grandparents need me,
and I need a moment to center myself and breathe.
I’m blessed to be a sturdy branch in this family tree,
but the weight can be crushing.
I pray that I might not break when the winds howl,
but bend and move with it.

Grant that I may know peace when
I lay head to pillow,
bless those who rely on me.


Share this prayer with somebody who’s pulled in many directions because of family demands. Sometimes a prayerful word can lift a wounded spirit.

Faith and Family

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