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Pause and Pray

One Tree, Many Branches

Sep 16, 2021
A tree with many branches


If you have children and aging parents, you understand the daily, intergenerational push and pull of family life. But how often do give yourself a moment to appreciate what you offer?


Dear God, my children need me,
their grandparents need me,
and I need a moment to center myself and breathe.
I’m blessed to be a sturdy branch in this family tree,
but the weight can be crushing.
I pray that I might not break when the winds howl,
but bend and move with it.

Grant that I may know peace when
I lay head to pillow,
bless those who rely on me.


Share this prayer with somebody who’s pulled in many directions because of family demands. Sometimes a prayerful word can lift a wounded spirit.

Faith and Family


Lucy Rouse
Wed, 01/26/2022 - 05:51 PM
Lucy Rouse
I love this prayer! I am going to print it & share with friends whom like me are dealing with aging parents that each individual family circumstances are different. But we do get to talk and speak & be there for each other. Inner circle of adult children carrying the responsibilities of parents, with dementia, Alzheimers, and health declines. This prayer will prayerfully give them peace in the evenings. I too have always liked & admired them for their grand presence, Thank YOu for linking trees, nature to St. Francis. Keep up the great work, the world need you, and us followers to spread the word. Many Blessings...Lucy R.

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