Pause + Pray

Old Wounds Can Reopen


A stray reminder can lead us to relive a long-ago injuryone received, one given. It is humbling to recall that we acted or reacted in anger, with uglinessthat we even hold a grudging memory today.


When you walked the earth,
Friend Jesus,
you reached out in kindness,
even to those whose intentions
were to harm
your reputation
or your very body.
Not me.

I have turned my back,
I have spoken poison,
I have spread bad news,
at times untrue.

You remember it all
and time means nothing to you.

Reach back,
reach forward,
reach in,
reach out.

Close the wounds.
Lighten the scars.
Erase the darkness.

Your forgiveness eclipses
my small efforts.

Bless my enemies.
May they be numbered
among the saints.


I will try to picture one enemy vividly. I will see that person happy and blessed. Let it be so.

Pause and Pray from Franciscan Media


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