Pause + Pray

May We Never Forget


The psalms are a beautiful part of Scripture where we find thanksgiving being given to God. Often we find ourselves praying to God for things we need, the healing we may seek, or encountering peace in various forms. Part of that should also take into account offering thanksgiving—thanksgiving to a God who not only hears us but resides with us. May we never forget his presence among us.


Lord we offer our thanks for a new day,
for the breath that flows from you to us.

We offer thanks for your constant presence,
for your Son who lived with us,

for his Blessed Mother,
who holds us close to her heart always.

God, we give thanks for our ability
to be in a relationship with you

where you hear us, and are with us.


Today make time to sit with one of the psalms of thanksgiving, and carry that spirit of gratitude with you.

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