Pause + Pray

Living through Anxious Times


God does not want us to fade into the background because of our struggles with mental health. Rather, God wants us to know he makes space for our pain and struggle and to know we can always seek help. While we cannot pray away mental- health struggles, we can communicate our pain to the one who carries it with us during our healing journey.


Crucified Christ, the one who knows my pain and suffering,
the one who sees me in the darkness of my anxiety,
let yourself be known to me today.
Let me know that you stand here with me,
that you see my hurt and my turmoil.

Let me see today the ways in which you hold me close to your heart,
and may that bring me peace.


If you struggle with anxiety and depression, please know that you can always seek help. If someone you know struggles with anxiety and depression, make space for their pain today. Reach out to them and let them know that they are loved.

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