Pause + Pray

In Praise of the Color Green


Summer, spring, winter, fall: There is green in every season. Despite the reported fragility of our earth, we still see grass in the cracks of sidewalks and evergreens with their perennial promise.


Creator God of the universe,
you have graced me with green,
 the color of hope.
You gift us with unfurling forest leaves
and tiny hints of moss on the sternest rocks.
I trim the grass and it rebounds.
The lowliest weed secures the soil in its grasp
and gives green another place to grow.
It is a conspiracy of hope from Genesis until today.
Green me with glimmers of this grace, O God.


Look for green today. Whenever you see it, offer an affirmation of hope: Hope for forgiveness; hope to see and do God’s work in the world.

Faith and Family


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