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From Heiress to Saint


After giving her fortune to found Native American and African American schools, Mother Katharine Drexel traveled extensively to ensure their quality—and scrub their porches. In 1935, a heart attack forced her to halt activity. Trading a vast arena for a small infirmary, she spent the last twenty years of her life marveling, “God has let me see with my own eyes the good results of God’s desire.” Read more about St. Katharine Drexel’s life.


God of abundance,
we may not have
Katharine Drexel’s fortune,
but help us use our talents
for those neglected
or marginalized today.


Meeting obstacles, Mother Katharine remarked that if they weren’t in her plans, they must’ve been in God’s. Next time you encounter a problem, adopt her spirit. Educate yourself on today’s racism: books and websites abound. Evaluate whether the inequalities Mother Katharine confronted have changed.

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