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Christ’s Flawed, Human Body

Mar 31, 2021
Christ's flawed, human body


"The Body of Christ," we hear in faith whenever we are ready to receive the Eucharist. "Amen" is the traditional response. We agree. We believe.


We are also
Christ's Body,
your eloquent apostle Paul
tells us.
Today, Creator of All,
please consider the flaws
of this body of yours.
Today, I ache
or sniffle
or wear corrective lenses.
I want to run the race,
but jogging is out of the question.
Strengthen me
to do what I can.
Help me
to accept my limitations
and give you the glory
with what this poor body
can do in your service.


I will raise my arms high in praise of the strength you give me, Mighty One. What I can do, I will dofor you.

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