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Teachers and pastors are sometimes hard on St. Peter because of his many mistakes recorded in the Scriptures. But through it all Peter displayed incredible heart. He felt deeply. He loved deeply. He was always eager and willing to follow Jesus, even if he sometimes failed. In this broken world and in these trying times, our struggles can sometimes rise to the surface. Sometimes it can begin to feel that we are doomed to fail from the start, perhaps not unlike Peter when he denied Jesus three times and heard the rooster crow. These mistakes and failures can sometimes make us shut down and believe the lie that we are no good and that our lives do not have value. May this prayer inspire your Christian imagination to emulate the heart of Peter, on whom Jesus built his Church.


Please see me,
know me,

for the fullness
of my heart.

Some days it’s all
I have to offer

as the habits of the mind

and days weigh heavy,
as morning comes
too quickly

after a few hours of asleep—
anxiety’s rooster crow.
Why do I sometimes
damned from the start,
pre-destined to be indebted
to you in my denial,
a handpicked villain
in a drama?

Please see me
as I am,

not for what I’ve done—
for the heart you gave me,
so eager, so willing,
never ceasing
to feel deeply.

Destined to fail,
staged to sin,

my heart still opens wide
to invite you in again.
Not even God himself
can stop 
my heart
from beating after you,

my Lord and Savior.


When you become frustrated with yourself todaywhich is only humanremind yourself of Peter and the fullness of his heart. Perhaps allow a line or two from the prayer to sink deeper into your being and re-center your soul.

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