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Alphabet of Gratitude

Feb 6, 2021
Alphabet of Gratitude


We sometimes get so caught up in fear it’s hard to remember all we have to be grateful for. Yet there’s an array of things to fill our hearts with gratitude.


God, I get so shut within the fear
of the future,
or of making a mistake,
or not effectively meeting responsibilities,
that my days becomes stale.
But I can practice gratitude,
and, like opening a window wide,
I’m refreshed by the softness of grace blowing in.


Write down a list of “Gratitude A-B-Cs.” Start with A: What are you grateful for that begins with A? B? Continue through the alphabet. Create even more lightness by asking a family member to join in.

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Fri, 05/14/2021 - 05:44 PM
I am very moved and encouraged by the mutual acknowledgement of of Gratitude and mindfulness as part of trying to live a better life of faith. I'm not consistent....mental and physical ill health can easily turn me grumpy,self absorbed and plain old tired,however a good tip I was given is to make a note of five things I've been grateful for each day. I do this just before I settle for the night...even on my worst days I do my best to make this list... sometimes massively obvious stuff some times as simple as' I made it !'. Any time I feel too down to bother I have a look at some previous ones to jog my memory. God bless to to ALL ...and give it a try...x

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