Pause + Pray

A Litany of Loved Ones


I have promised to pray for many. Usually they faced illness or sorrow. These are heavy-duty prayers. But my requests can also embrace the happy, healthy people in my circle of care.


Your world is wonderful,
O Lord of heaven and earth!

Because of your infinite generosity,
I have friends.
I call down your blessing
on them,

name by precious name.
I thank you
for those whose name I share:

spouse, children,
parents, cousins.

May your sun
shine on them this day.

I also thank you
for the cashier,
the teller,
the server,

the mechanic,
the mail carrier,
the dentist…..

I  praise you
for filling my life

with those
who help me
live it well.


Whether I am driving, walking, cooking, computing, or doing God’s work in any way, I will thank you for those around meeven those on a screen.



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