Pause + Pray

A Blueprint for Happiness


The Lord’s Prayer has been called “a summary of the entire gospel.” It reveals a heavenly Father whose name should be reverenced. This Father has a dream for the world where peace, love, and justice reign. Each one of us is called to discover and do God’s will. We live with open hands knowing that God will provide for our daily needs. We pray to be forgiven to the degree that we forgive. We ask for protection against temptation and evil. Not only a gospel summary, this prayer also provides a model for living.


Lord Jesus, you left us a blueprint for true happiness
in the prayer you taught us.

May my thoughts, words, and actions
testify to the generosity of your Father,
who fulfills our needs and forgives our sins.
May my life make manifest your kingdom of peace, love, and justice.
May I follow your example and always seek to do your Father’s will.


Consider how you can live the words of the Lord’s Prayer in a practical way today.

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