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Our 2011 American Catholic Radio Faith-Formation Themes

Our 2011 American Catholic Radio Faith-Formation Themes

In an earlier newsletter, I wrote about our staff’s efforts to plan for this year’s American Catholic Radio programs. We recently held a brainstorming/planning session, and from that process emerged a set of themes that we will tackle, beginning with our Lenten programs. Here’s a sneak preview of what we’ll be doing:

In programs for Lent 2011, which begins on March 9, we deal with the topics of conversion and bringing justice to our world. This dual theme embraces the “baptismal” nature of Lent–that is, preparing for Baptism or renewing Baptism–and the response that every Christian must make, because of Baptism, to work on behalf of justice.

During the Easter season, we’ll devote seven ACR programs to the “Seven Things All Catholics Should Know.” This theme follows the post-Easter part of the RCIA process, known as “mystagogy,” when newly baptized Christians deepen their knowledge and experience of faith.

During the long stretch of Ordinary Time that follows Easter, we’ll tackle the Beatitudes, and their meaning for living our Christian faith.

In the fall, we’ll devote a special series of radio programs to “the Spirit of Assisi,” as Pope Benedict XVI journeys to the city of Sts. Francis and Clare to join with other religious leaders to pray for peace. This October marks the 25th anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s historic World Day of Prayer for Peace.

Finally, our ACR broadcast year will conclude with an Advent-Christmas preparation series.

Each of these themes is based American Catholic Radio’s goal to be a “faith-formation” program, helping listeners meet Jesus, participate in the Church community, and take their faith into the world.

We welcome your thoughts and questions. And, thanks to those who responded to my query about your own faith-formation needs, in our last issue. Our team will take those questions to our experts on “Ask a Franciscan” in upcoming episodes.