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Minute Meditations

You Are Loved

Jul 14, 2021
The Valeria Miller Collection photo of a daisy and its shadow against a pink wall. Minute Meditations.

The love of God. How little it is understood or believed. So many people do not believe that they are loved or loveable. And yet God sent the Son to identify with each one of us in an unbelievable act of love. Perhaps that “unbelievable” is why many can’t believe. Maybe it is incredible that we are so wonderful in God’s eyes that God would go this far to impress upon us our own worth. But if we can accept the fact of this love of God for us, we regain our self-respect and dignity and walk free as sons and daughters of God. 

—from the book Song of the Sparrow: New Poems and Meditations by Murray Bodo, OFM

Song of the Sparrow by Murray Bodo

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