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Minute Meditations

Will Someone Be There?

Jul 31, 2021
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In the crises and sorrows of our lives one of the first questions we ask is, will someone be there, will anyone help to support us? In my own life this has become almost the definition of God: the One who is there. Not just in crises, of course, but always. And yet it is most difficult to believe that God is there if there is not another human being there as well. Perhaps it is the weakness of my faith, but it is so hard to believe that God is here with me if there is no one else besides. When others stand with us and beside us, God shines forth in our midst. So maybe God keeps coming to us in the form of those “angels” who look like human beings.

— from the book Song of the Sparrow: New Poems and Meditations by Murray Bodo, OFM

Song of the Sparrow by Murray Bodo

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