Minute Meditations

Weaving a Rule of Life

As Clare had labored over the years in doing the fine handwork that helped support the monastery, she now set herself the task of a written text… As she had always consulted the sisters on matters that touched the lives of all, she now could invite them to discern with her the precise wording of difficult passages. We can imagine the spirited conversations and debates of those chapters. Thus, she and her sisters embroidered an enclosure of words chosen to protect their vision as surely as their stout outer walls. Little by little the work moved forward. As with Francis, the written record was firmly rooted in a lived experience. For that reason, Clare would not work in splendid isolation. She would offer multiple opportunities for the sisters and her closest advisors to help her shape the final results.

— from the book Light of Assisi: The Story of Saint Clare

by Margaret Carney, OSF

Light of Assisi: The Story of Saint Clare Minute Meditations


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