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Learn to Love the Earth

The distinction between creation and nature is an important one because when we discuss the integrity of nature, especially from the Franciscan tradition, we are really talking about creation, the relationship of the natural world, including humans, to the Creator. “Creation,” therefore, means relationships between the human and nonhuman created order, the place of the human person within that order, and the response of the person to the created order in its relationship to God. Environment is more than nature alone; rather, it is that realm of God’s goodness in the natural world that shares with us humans a deep longing for God.

—from the book Care for Creation: A Franciscan Spirituality of the Earth
by Ilia Delio, Keith Douglass Warner, and Pamela Wood

Care for Creation


1 thought on “Learn to Love the Earth”

  1. Lord Jesus Christ, inflame our hearts with your love and burn away everything within it that may be unloving, unkind, ungrateful, unholy, and not in accord with your will. May we always love what you love and reject what is contrary to your love and will for our lives. Amen.

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