Minute Meditations

Hearing the Voice of God

Among all the voices that surround and beckon us, we need to discern the unique cadence of God’s voice. And we have a number of principles that come to us from Jesus, from Scripture, and from the deep wells of our Christian tradition that can help us discern God’s voice among the multitude of voices that beckon us:

  • The voice of God is recognized both in whispers, and in thunder and in storm.
  • The voice of God is recognized in the call to what’s higher and invites us to holiness, even as it is recognized in the call to humility.
  • The voice of God is the one that most challenges and stretches us, even as it is the only voice that ultimately soothes and comforts us.
  • The voice of God always invites us to live beyond all fear, even as it inspires holy fear.
  • The voice of God is always heard wherever there is genuine enjoyment and gratitude, even as it asks us to deny ourselves and die to ourselves.

 — from Prayer: Our Deepest Longing

Prayer: Our Deepest Longing by Ronald Rolheiser


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