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Everything Is Gift

Aug 16, 2022
Woman touches a yellow flower | Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash

To Francis everything in him and around him was a gift from his Father in Heaven. He expected nothing, so he was grateful for everything. Even a piece of earth was cause for rejoicing, and he thanked God always for everything that was. He held everything to his heart with the enthusiasm of a child surprised by some unexpected toy. The air he breathed, the sounds he heard, the sights and smells of all the world entered his grateful soul through senses perfected by gratitude and purity of heart.

Nothing was evil, for everything came from God, and evil came only from a heart that chose not to love. The heart through passion or selfishness or pride could choose not to love and that was evil, but no thing or no person was evil in and of itself. When Francis passed people on the road or met them on their doorsteps as he begged, he could not hide his delight in them, in their very existence. All people to Francis were good gifts to brighten his day with the mystery of their unique personalities.

—from the book Francis: The Journey and the Dream
by Murray Bodo, OFM, page

Francis: The Journey and the Dream by Murray Bodo

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