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Minute Meditations

Clutching at Straw

Jul 20, 2021
photo from Pexels of straw growing by water. Minute Meditations.

We relearn the lesson of detachment with each new straw we clutch at in the wind. Funny thing about straw in the wind: We never forget that it is only straw, but when nothing else is left to cling to, straw has all the attraction and beauty of a messenger sent from God to give us new life and love. And so, deceived again, we reach out and try to build something solid with straw. And it dries up and blows away before our eyes, and we learn to wait for God who sends the wind and the straw to see if we are ready yet for God. Our reaching out for any straw says that we are. And God comes the minute we let the straw go without regret and with remorse for thinking God could be content with our choosing something less than Love.

—from the book Song of the Sparrow: New Poems and Meditations by Murray Bodo, OFM

Song of the Sparrow by Murray Bodo

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