Minute Meditations

A Seed Planted Within Us

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For the Franciscans, to desire God is to become the fruit of the seed that God has planted in each of us, to discover the root of our personal identity. When we are truly ourselves, God shines through us in the most glorious and unique way. However, the path must go through the cross, that is, a dying into Christ so as to rise with Christ into new life. There is no true relationship of love that does not include suffering and hardship. A parent knows the cost of a real relationship of love. Similarly, if we are to grow in a loving relationship with God we must be willing to make space in our lives for this relationship to grow. We must be willing to sacrifice and thus we cannot fear the cross. To enter into relationship with God is to allow the Spirit to dwell within our hearts, because it is the Spirit who joins us to Christ. Often we clutter our lives with things that block out room for the Spirit, and perhaps because we are so preoccupied with our cluttered lives, we fear the cost of sacrifice and true love. It is for this reason that we need to practice asceticism.

—from the book Franciscan Prayer
by Ilia Delio, OSF

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