Minute Meditations

Change Is Good News

The Good News of Jesus Christ is precisely that things have changed and that they are going to change even more.

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Prayer Shines a Light

In its fullness, prayer is an encounter with God that transforms the way we see and interact with the world.

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The Art of Doing Nothing

Wasting time really is intentional. You are, literally, spending time. On clouds, or lilies, or naps, or silence, or prayer, or providing a generous spirit

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Living with a Soft Heart

Our well-being is grounded in grace. And grace is a voice much bigger than all the other attachments where we may park value or significance.

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Nothing Small about Compassion

There is nothing small about compassion. There is nothing small about making a difference in the life of one human being.

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Spilling Good

The ordinary moments of every day (even those that confuse us, unnerve us, or break our hearts) are hiding places of the holy.

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Back to Normal?

A break in our normal routines offers us a profound gift: an opportunity for reassessment, renewal, and replenishment, to embrace change and give space to our best selves.

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