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Living Your Faith in Difficult TImes

Living Your Faith in Difficult TImes

Have you ever wanted to live in a time other than the present? Some years back, a sci-fi movie called Timeline, based on a novel by Michael Crichton, featured modern-day archeologists traveling back to the Middle Ages. The story ends with one of the heroes choosing to remain there.

I’ve often imagined such “time leaps,” wondering what obstacles I’d have to face, had I lived during the Great Depression, World War II or perhaps in the time of the apostles. None of us can really know what life was like in another era, unless we’ve lived there. Our older family members and friends can tell us about the world 50 or 75 years ago, but the more ancient past is truly lost to us.

As they study our Bible, Scripture scholars face the difficult task of imagining and re-creating another time and culture. The more we can know about the time of Jesus, for instance, the more the words of the Gospels come alive. Each of the four Gospels speaks from a unique time in the life of the Church. People thought, spoke and wrote differently than we do. But we share one thing with them: We have the same basic faith in Jesus, which helps us to face the obstacles of living in “the now.”

In the brief time we have left before Lent, our ACR offerings help us to face obstacles along the path of our Christian spirituality. In this liturgical year as we hear from the Gospel of Matthew at Sunday Mass, we will meet the writings of one Christian pastor and hear his approach to the life of Jesus, based on the obstacles his audience faced near the end of the first Christians century. Our faith-formation guests will address both issues.

Our other “timely” radio resources, such as Sharing the Word and Sunday Soundbites, will help you relate your daily life to other parts of the Lectionary, the rich treasury of Scripture proclaimed at Sunday Mass.

You have a partner in facing life’s obstacles, here at Franciscan Media.