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Franciscan Spirit Blog

Evolving an Adult Faith

Jun 24, 2022 Franciscan Spirit Blog
God’s will for humans—and for all creation—is to exercise an agency of co-creation: to bring about on earth a greater fullness.

Humanizing God

Jun 23, 2022 Franciscan Spirit Blog
We understand how our own hands are so important in expressing our love and care for one another—a touch, a protective hold. That image also tells us about God.

We Are Instruments of Peace

Jun 22, 2022 Franciscan Spirit Blog
Opening ourselves to this fierce love through prayer, and then acting out of it—personally and in our public policies—is the only pathway to peace.

The Paschal Paradox

Jun 21, 2022 Franciscan Spirit Blog
At both the personal and transpersonal levels, I experience an unceasing process of birth-death-rebirth. This paradoxical dynamic is insinuated into every aspect of our contemporary world.

Journeying toward God

Jun 20, 2022 Franciscan Spirit Blog
There are times when the interior journey is impeded by the refusal or inability to make an external journey.

St. Joseph: A Father for the Ages

Jun 17, 2022 Franciscan Spirit Blog
Scenes from the life of Joseph give us a glimpse of the virtues of this laborer and upstanding Jewish man, the carpenter who will build something beautiful for the God of his forefathers.

Franciscan Beliefs, Spirituality, and Philosophy

Jun 16, 2022 Franciscan Spirit Blog
Though we may not all formally profess to follow Francis of Assisi’s way of life, we can all cultivate Franciscan hearts.

Psalm 127: ‘Unless the Lord Build the House’

Jun 15, 2022 Franciscan Spirit Blog
Ordinary things—house, community, work, and family—involve our efforts but all are ultimately gifts of God.

Franciscan Spirituality: God Is Love

Jun 14, 2022 Franciscan Spirit Blog
Central to Franciscan spirituality is this: God is love.